Senin, 25 April 2011

Contour Mountain Home Design Plans

Built on the light sloping highland, this house designed dynamic. Follow the aspens valley contour; the exciting journey into the site begins with a spatial contraction where aspens grow denser. The house settles into the site as if becoming displaced strata, inscribed by adjacent origins from the land. Spatial faults and outcroppings are heightened as hidden copper planes refract light, suggesting the landscape’s dynamism by transforming the interior space throughout the passage of the day.
A sheltered porte-cochere indicates entry to the house. Upon arrival, the house presents the visitor with a view to a concealed pond. Embracing the pond and completing the ring of the aspen forest, the house mediates a dialogue between immediate nature and distant formations. The view of the landscape is replaced by a view to the landscape.
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An open central hall leads, in one direction, to the living room, dining room, kitchen and breakfast areas. Adjacent to the living room is a terrace that frames vistas and allows access to the pond by means of an exterior grand stair. A remote mechanical room anchors the end of the porte-cochere. From the kitchen, a glazed passage leads to a detached office. The office’s contemplative qualities are heightened by its focused views to the pond and mountains.
Opposite from the public spaces and adjacent to the central hub is the master suite. Perched in a grove of existing aspen at the north side of the house, it is distanced from communal spaces by an arcing gallery. A lower level is loosely connected to the upper level by stairs descending from the central hub. Rooms for two teenagers are located below the public wing. A guest area opposite acts as a semi-private space with a secondary entrance connecting the main house to the garage and caretaker’s house.
The incorporation of stone into the house reflects the adjacent geologic ridges and anchors the house to the site. Titanium with its inherent warmth, captures the fluctuating light of this high mountain valley. Designed by Predock Architects.

Wood Cabin Steeply Sloped Modern Residence

Appears as wood cabin, this modern house designed on steeply sloped forest faces the down-slope view of the Bay. Wooden decks and an enclosed glass dining area thrust out from the base shed and appear to float amongst the trees. Strong, earthy materials were selected to stand up to the harsh coastal elements and to respond to the dynamics of the steep site.

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Concrete walls inside and out anchor the building. An eroded wooden shell encloses the space and positions the open, glazed steel skeleton. An ensemble of garden walls, decks, the garage and gate house engage the site, forming an outdoor compound. Beautiful location, with unique modern house form, make this house really attractive. This house designed by Studio Architectures.

Future Energy Efficiency Buildings with Wind Turbines Solutions

This building develops a concept that embraces energy efficiency targeting an EcoHomes assessment rating of “excellent”. A brand new idea came up, on the top of building; there are three 9 metres diameter wind turbines to generate electricity on site. And also there are grey water recycling and connection into a district heating scheme.

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The development involves the erection of two new buildings comprising a 43 storey building rising to 147m above ground level and a 5 storey pavilion building. Not a future technology maybe, but the smart solution that uses its own stand, make this building (still under construction when this post written) really exciting and bring fresh inspiration about how to maximize or maybe add function from its natural form shaped. Designed by Hamiltons Architects.

Box-Like Volumetric Sloping Ultra Modern House

Box structural house should be attractive like this house. Ultra modern concept feel in touch. The sloping site is used as a device for programmatic and volumetric organization.
In a a split-level internal organization, the volumetric transition is generated by a set of five parallel walls that rotate along a horizontal axis from vertical to horizontal. The ruled surface maintaining this transition is repeated five times in the building. From inside the huge window strips from floor to ceiling allow a fluid continuity between interior and landscape. From the exterior the reflective glass seams to become one with its surroundings.

Inside, the interior just like the outdoor. Furniture like table follow the general principle of house form. Black outdoor eith white interior used, just like this geometrical house . Designed by unstudio architects.

Awesome Concrete Modest House Design in High Desert

A concrete walls need for this modern exciting residence. The “no-maintenance, no-nonsense, inexpensive materials” of the exterior walls are above all a line of defense for that comfortable world, protection against a landscape of extremes. But the interior design is so soft, bold, and sensitive, so it can be called as perfect shelter for relaxing.

Set in the remote and harsh high desert landscape of Idaho, The materials used in the structure, including concrete block, car-decking, and plywood, require little or no maintenance, and are capable of withstanding the extreme weather that characterize the desert’s four seasons. A concrete-block box at the end of a half-mile driveway, the house is built around a single large room that combines kitchen, living and dining areas. A narrow sisal-covered staircase leads to a mezzanine bedroom supported by an exposed steel beam. Every detail may feel exquisitely thought through, but the understatement of the concrete-block construction, along with the windows, some as large as 8 by 11 feet, that breach the walls on all four sides, steers the visitor back to the main attraction: the constantly changing scenery of the desert.
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Perfect house on perfect landscape owned by artist, just an awesome combination that makes this house full of inspiration. So, are you inspired? This residence designed by Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects.

Conical Concrete Sculpture Villa Design

This is unique concept architectural style for villa. Formed as conical with modern minimalist touching, this villa is perfect for weekend. The interior is visible through the various open places cut into the cone. The basement holds the garage and the spare bedrooms and bathrooms. Above this lie the kitchen and the master bedroom. Via the dining room, the house then climbs to the main floor with the living room and entrance hall. And finally, under the glass roof which can be opened, the house has the fantastic swimming pool. Designed by Factor Architecten Netherlands.

Natural Pool Landscaping Design

Swim in nature pond surrounding by fresh air is exciting, but for some reason, we couldn’t control the healthy of natural compound. So, if you worry about it, just make artificial natural pool like this. A custom beveled granite edge coupled with a Pebble Technologies interior finish laid the unique foundation for a dramatic water feature that effortlessly blends into the surrounding landscape to produce a stunning exclusive residential setting. Designed by aquadesign.
Inspired? You don’t need exiting landscape like images above. Just surround your pool with natural stones, bush plants, and make artificial stones from concrete. That’s it.

Light Space Quest in Glass Geometry Playing

This glass house is designed in formal geometrical shape at enclosing walls, paths and borders. Stepped glass walls make light dynamically entrance the house. The light like step by step comb the house till it’s deepest. This house is quest for light.
The plan of the house is defined by two thick, white rendered masonry walls that contrast with the grey whinstone of the existing garden walls. These walls emphasize connections between old and new, inside and outside. Daylight is maximized by almost half of the external walls being glass, and to fulfill the clients’ request for a frameless appearance, the units are butt-joined and detailed to allow for movement of the cantilevered roof. The walls are thick in plan in order to conceal cupboards, wardrobes, service runs, window seats and fireplaces, so that the main spaces are clean and uncluttered, with their main focus on the garden.

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And dramatic road yard landscape is another exciting idea. A yard with pebbles and huge natural stones symbolize a journey to the house. Come to house is not end story, but an adventure begins. This house designed by Gareth Hoskins architects.

Light Garden Duplex Apartment

How to create garden without roof terrace or balcony? This garden designs maybe the answer. The answer came in the form of a central, enclosed garden of three levels that sits within the building, surrounded by the living spaces. Designed as an atrium, with a giant opening skylight, the 7 m by 2.5 m space is planted on the lowest “living” level; it includes a swing above; before breaking out onto a roof terrace. The space brings the outside in; a garden ascending through the house.

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In the summer the skylight above the garden can be retracted to allow fresh air to flood into the property. A white steel stairway built within the atrium climbs from the main living areas to the bedrooms and then further up to the roof. Above the second storey the roof rises by approximately another meter. The skylight is installed at this level. Below this we have installed a metal grid mezzanine, so, when the skylight is fully open, this access deck becomes an outdoor terrace. Open to the sky and bordered on all sides by the roof, it is a totally private space with fantastic views over London: high up and invisible from the road, most of the traffic noise is completely lost. This is a tranquil outdoor space in the heart of the city.
This project is for the conversion of two single storey flats into one duplex apartment. Photos by Edmund Sumner. Designed by Gianni Botsford Architect. Contractor: Nick Ryan Builders. Structural Engineer: Arup. Inspired to built garden like this revolution design ideas?

Modern House on Spilt Levels Topography

In hard topography site, full of spilt levels, this modern concrete house built. It was a challenge but also give design inspiring that made this house very attractive as its function. Such as, interlocking rooms step over the rocky site providing a variety of views to sea. This topography location more extreme then previous contouring mountain house in here.
The form of the house responds to the character of the site, the most distinctive and challenging aspect being the faceted concrete roof inspired by the granite rock formation around it. From the outside it reads like another outcrop. Approached from above the chamfered concrete roof is exposed on the outside where it sparkles in the sunlight. To the inside it forms an angled, tent-like ceiling, the reflective mica of the granite aggregate reflecting light throughout the day and giving a soft glow to the flowing spaces.

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The kitchen and living room walls are fully glazed with heavy timber frames along their Southern and Eastern edges. The concrete ceiling appears light on these sides, anchored by an exposed in situ concrete chimney and resting on lines of slender steel columns, its tilted planes emphasize the horizontal line of the distant sea horizon. The roof floats clear of the internal walls of the house with a series of glazed clerestories allowing daylight and views to penetrate the depth of the house.
A close working relationship with the builders allowed the precise detail of the concrete construction to be controlled and the complex shuttering patterns were worked through a series of cardboard models, kept in the site office during that phase of the work. Designed by O’Donnel+Tuomey Architects.

Luminous White Spatial Atmosphere Villa

Spatial atmosphere and luminous white covered, make this modern villa design appears contrast to the dark trunks of the thick, evergreen pinewood forest and the blue of the ever changing sky over the Baltic Sea.

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With wide aperture, glassed walls, and semi floating room space, the villa gives various relaxing area to enjoying pinewood forest, and take fresh air to breath. This villa designed in order to make the actual physical experience of the site, characterized by the dialogue between the surrounding landscape and the view over the dunes of the beach near Riga.Design Meinhard von Gerkan, GMP Architekten. Team Hinrich Müller. Construction firm Vincents, Riga. Construction period 2005-2006. Gross floor area 635 m².

Modern Complexity in Simple Cover Design

First eye touch, just a minimalist house, split into two volumes, and the exciting thing is, this house sustainable green. Semi roof garden terrace which connects directly down to the lush garden via a stepped sloping wall.

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The taller, northern volume sits higher in the landscape allowing daylight and quality into the basement spaces. This part also includes entrance, a double height open plan kitchen and all the bedrooms of the house. Designed by christensenco architects.

Luxurious Sandstone Structures Café Bar Design

This café interior design carved a traditional India atmosphere to produce is luxurious, mysterious and decadent ambience. From sandstone structures that been standing since C13th in northern India, patchwork of colors, textures and shadows became a touchstone for the project which seeks to reconcile old and new India It uses traditional pink sandstone and carved timber screens in an altogether new way fusing established materials with a graphic sense of pattern and colour to create an ambience that is rich and enveloping. In addition the concept of ‘patchwork’ is introduced both as a motif and as a metaphor for the city. Elements are collaged together from the different pink colors on the floor to the dusky pink mirror on the walls and the ceiling tiles to the entrance.

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The layout is understood as a box within a box where the inner sanctum is accessed via the sliding timber screens. This area has a lowered ceiling and features a collection of furniture all covered in red leather, silk and cotton. On the floor are a number of individually designed textured rugs by Project Orange.
The bar itself is on the end wall standing in front of a huge textured hand carved sandstone relief. It’s timber top is supported on a long row of turned timber spindles that are lit by individual led lights. The counter rises in height on axis with the main entrance to act as a platform for the DJ who is in command of creating the right atmosphere all night long. The window to the pool side are etched with a delicate motif providing only a sense of the world beyond. What a beautiful interior design that designed by Project Orange. I’ve wrote simple cafe design that you can read here.

Futuristic Wooden Chapel

Just a small chapel, but will build in the lively commercial centre of Helsinki. Formed cylinder, in sculptural wooden volume, this chapel looks futuristic and also give social shock for urban living. Why? An commercial neighborhood, a chapel become a counter for materialism live. Those have many meaning, such as there is still any religious thing in materialism era. :)

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The interior is warm and enclosed from the surrounding urban life. Indirect toplight enlightens the wooden chapel interior. The chapel provides services by both Helsinki Parish Union and the city of Helsinki. Designed by K2S Architects.

Simple Plan House Complex Floating Roof Design

This house has a simple plan, but it signed with wonderful complex roof. The roof, like landmark identity for the house and vineyard surround it. The roof creates a silhouette, a geometric landscape floating within the expansive rural setting. Once inside, floor to ceiling glass connects the main living space with the landscape. The floating roof defines this space. Other- wise flat, it is cut and folded up to form skylights, or cut and folded down to create shade to the north. The incised plane hovers above the roof level of the rest of the house, the gap between ceiling and walls made up with glass.

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The plan is a straightforward division into three rectangular zones, or pavilions. The approach is from a long driveway that winds around the back to a rear courtyard. This contemplative space creates a pause before a view of tree-covered hills to the north is revealed on entry. Only a narrow vertical slot in the blank wall gives a preview glimpse, like a core-sample of the view. Photography: Trevor Mein. Designed by John Wardle Architects.

Grounded Modern Small House Style

What can we do if we only have narrow land to build a house? The first thinking is always how to make large living space? This Japanese modern house design resolved that problems with built kitchen and living space on the ground floor.

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Although grounded, the spaces is still have a good air circulation and get natural light because its open area. As this is such a quiet residential area architects decided to try and allow the surrounding environment penetrate the space by surrounding the site with a light blue FRP screen. Sliding doors behind this allow the house to semi opened to the surrounding neighborhood – giving a greatly increased sense of space.
Bedrooms are contained in a more private container on the 2nd floor and the 3 floor loft built to the maximum shadow line of the property benefits from a roof terrace overlooking Roppongi Hills and Moto Azabu.
This design is so inspiring, because changed obscure ground floor with articial light into attractive ground floor in sunbath. This house designed by klein dytham architects.

Renovating Edwardian Residence Ideas to More Modern Visualize

Maintaining the existing character to the street and public domain, the proposed works occur behind and beyond the existing street ridge line. Careful attention has been paid to the sitting and massing of the rear addition to appropriately provide a relationship to the established rear built form of its attached neighbors, by matching the rear building alignments on both levels. This responds to the desired quality of the two dwellings being visually read as a pair, not only at the street frontage, but also from the rear lane. It generally maintains the existing characteristics of the locality by reflecting the height, setbacks, scale and bulk of recently developed neighboring dwellings, ensuring the minimization of amenity impacts such as overlooking, overshadowing and view loss.

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In retaining the front bedroom, the ground floor accommodates a new bathroom, kitchen, dining and living areas and a new internal steel framed stair. The first floor accommodates a new bedroom under the existing front roof, ensuite, bathroom, rear bedroom with a bay window and new steel framed skylights over. A new dormer window to the street face of the existing roof matches the size, proportion and detail of the dormer of its attached neighbour, once again unifying the dwellings as a visual pair in the public domain. Designed by Christopher Polly Architects.

Suburb Beachside Three Storey Modern House Design

This semi minimalist house built in three level house. With inner garden and long side pool with floating block of building on the top, this house very exciting. This house is comfortably nestled between two substantial homes on a standard block in a beachside suburb. The layout of this home has been meticulously planned to achieve separate zones linked by a series of private courtyards with views to out within its own property. This house designed by bgarch architects.

Layering Alteration to Spatial Experience House

Although altered, original foot print still exists, because its plan utilizes the original footprint, and the original steel cantilever structure which characterized that house. The discipline established by the former house is explored and developed to create a layering of orthogonal spaces both along and across the site. This layering approach is extended to vertical relationships, using void and borrowed light to enrich spatial experience.

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While the house is ‘Miesian’ in concept, it obtains textural character from juxtaposition of new materials including zinc, colored off form insitu concrete, creosoted vertical boarding, ‘honeyed’ battening, stacked glass and polished plaster.
The cantilever is exploited to its maximum by a mechanically adjustable glass wall which lowers to the space below, enabling the main living space to alternate between living room and verandah. This ‘mobile’ wall is designed with minimum tolerances and intrusions to optimize its transparency. Mosquito and external blinds are integral to the system, reflecting flexibility in living conditions in the interior spaces facilitated by sliding walls. Designed by Cox Architects.

Dark Minimalist Front Beach House Design

Dark element and minimalist style can become awesome design like this. This long house style formed half glassed. Landscaping on contour through sea, with little bit hard topography, this house has a strong presence. Because near the sea, the importance of the roof, or fifth façade, dictated a metal zinc cladding which is suitable for both walls and roof.
minimalist dark house design

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The plan form was inspired by the traditional narrow cottage and is orientated on a north south axis. It contains three sleeping cells and auxiliary spaces in the middle with two living areas, one at each end connected by a library.
The step and entry ramp at the front door is disconnected from the building thus making the visitor step over a gap not unlike stepping from the static platform onto a passing train. Designed by Mac Gabhann Architects.

Garden Pavilion One Story Steel Structure

With a huge landscape full of trees gardening this one story pavilion like jewel-box to viewing garden and experiences nature. Black in color but very attractive surrounded by three-acre mature landscape. A crisp design landing lightly on, and in landscape. Finely detailed and tailored, the house is relatively small in scale, deferring to the landscape.
garden pavilion house design ideas

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Essentially an open, one-story steel structure allows the inside to merge with the outside, enhanced by outdoor sitting areas. A small pod that houses the master bedroom suite sits atop one of the primary volumes. With semi curve roof, this house just like a tent, shaped like mobile house, make we feel that we stay in wild nature. An adventure gets its cozy atmosphere here, right place to relax after rush hours of world. This residence designed by Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects .

Wood Touch in Modern Apartment Interior Design

Living in modern space, a paneled wall and furniture from Macassar give ethnic touch for this apartment interior. This space is residential renovation that combine three apartments on Central Park West. The entrance, library, living room and dining room were re-configured and opened up to maximize the views from the park.
modern wood apartment design ideas

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A paneled wall of Macassar wood conceals the entrance to the library and frames the new fireplace, which serves as the focal point in the room. A new custom made Macassar furniture unit is used as a serving and storage piece in the dining room. Its niches were specifically designed to exhibit the collection of glass sculptures owned by the couple. The bathrooms were redesigned to include custom walnut cabinets, adding depth and warmth to the space. The more informal downstairs family area was reconfigured to accommodate two bedrooms, a nursery, a playroom and a guest suite. Custom made cabinetry was designed for every room to maximize space and window treatments were specifically designed to emphasize the breathtaking views.
Wood decoration in ethnic style really nice for modern living space décor like interior design above. If you inspired with this interior design, remember that ethnic décor just a touch. So don’t give much space for these items or your modern interior design will be crushed down. This house designed by Studio Architectures.

Cavity Interior Design for Room Continuous Layout

Cavity design in interior which arrange room layout make air circulation fluent and natural light better. In this house, that concept formed in courtyard or void which open continuous from base floor through house roof. This concept match with house that built that surrounded by high building.

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Architect design room layout based on promenade de architektura principle from Le Corbusier. Architect placed two continuous open courtyards or void inside the house, that is at back east corner, and west side of middle house. This open rarea only partitioned by glass windows and completely with fence, balcony from steel structure, also grill at skylight. Crossing courtyard position makes air circulation fluent.
With high plafond, courtyard design gave inter-area visual continuous, so the house feels spacious and comfort. Then, functional areas arranged with orientation to those courtyards, that are pantry, dining room, family room at first floor which surrounding courtyards. Working room, sitting room, and children bedroom at second floor also got aperture from middle courtyard while main bedroom and other children bedroom face back courtyard. On base floor, these courtyards processed become dry garden.
For the interior, clean look furniture and accessories chosen, dominated with dark brown colors, white, and metallic. Furniture designed in minimalist layout. In order to appear contrast, almost of plafond, wall, and floor dominated with white colors, including aluminium frame for windows. As an accent, in the room added with future wall which layered with HPL in Zebrano motif and clear glass placement, layered with orange color as divider, divide dining room and stairs which hanging with hollow iron. These accents give contemporary and hi-tech impression. For artificial lighting, there is downlight with energy saving lamp, also lamps placement that make the geometry form more explicit. Designed by Cosmas D.Gozali.

Extended Glassing Space Sense of Stone House Design

The house itself is stones building and barns from 12th century which have been renovated into home and work spaces. The original site arranged within a medieval moat dating. To create a completely different sense of space, glass house made.
glass stone house facade design

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The new building extends from the main living space, leaving the existing stone wall opening in tact. It is 10m in length and cantilevers 4m over the moat. The size and proportions of the space are generous enough to allow for the building to read as a significant element in itself whilst the completely transparent facade minimizes the impact on the elevation of the building, disappearing during the day into the mature landscape. Designed by Glenn Howells Architects.

Future House Design Concept of Green Ideas

What future dwelling should be like? Smart techno concept? Yes of course, but it also have green ideas. Energy efficiency and the materials have to token from locally and do not hurt nature.

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Like this single family dwelling, designed by Christensen & Co in two different design: STAR and STRAIGHT. Both houses are designed with a particular focus on creating a frame around family life and amenity space. Transparency, space and connected internal and external spaces were the key drivers for the design.
Both houses will be “Swan Certified” a particularly stringent Scandinavian certification than demands standards of energy efficiency much greater than the recently revised building regulation requirements. Additionally 97% of all timber in the building will be from replanted forest and materials will be sourced locally. Collaborators: Bascon Engineering – Marianne Levinsen Landskabsarkitekter.

Individual Family Essence House in Modern Renovation

The old house should be demolished or just renovated? In this house, both demolish and renovation done in perfect rebuilding. There is no traditional atmosphere in this house, but the essence and character of an individual family home like traditional house still appear.

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A 21-metre long glazed gallery, inserted between three existing buildings along an east west axis. Along with a new entry court and wooden lantern, this insertion has transformed residual spaces to provide clear and comfortable, yet dramatic, circulation with an emphatic yet refined sense of entry.
New and separate guest accommodation, work spaces, and complete remodelling of the existing house with new facilities for the family have all been provided. A palette of polished concrete, zinc, and clear finished compressed sheet and timber provide crisp definition of the gallery and new contemporary insertions. Designed by HMA Architects.

Eco Friendly Green Modular Residential Design

In global warming era, residential that designed in low cost, zero CO2 emissions and a low environmental impact is a must. Like this house, designed to be self-produced energy house, but still in attractive architecture style. The architectural design integrates photovoltaic panels, solar capture during the winter months, circulation of air in the summer months and other passive environmental strategies that render the residence a bioclimatic machine.
green modular house design

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The building cost is kept to a minimum by using light and flexible pre-fabricated building systems: structural elements, integrated services, and mobile elements such as sliding-removable-supple wall panels for internal divisions in the apartments. External walls are made from modular panels. The material changes – glazed or opaque- creating an elevation that is dynamic materially and spatially integrating balconies, terraces and loggias. The structural framework allows a variety of apartment sizes adapting to the different spatial needs of the occupants. For the exteriors, on the other hand, wall unit or single panel cladding systems built of interchangeable components have been adopted in order to vary the external look of the property and ensure it is consistent with the design inside (balconies etc.).
Every available technological breakthrough has been employed to limit construction costs without compromising quality. So this is a home that anyone can afford, as most of the mortgage is paid by the energy produced. Designed by Mario cucinella architects and the project can be viewed here

Spa House and Observatory House Addition

If you want to build private spa house or maybe astronomical observatory house, or maybe both of them, these separate buildings design can be inspired you. First is spa retreat building situated among 250-year-old Oak trees, the 4,000 square-foot concrete, stone and Corten steel spa building includes a living and dining area with a fireplace, and wet spa areas.
spa house observer design style

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Second is the observatory house. The astronomical observatory houses a robotically controlled 20-inch telescope and an extensive private library. Clad in Corten steel panels, the structure sits next to a reflecting pool and is axially situated between alley of old olive trees. A structural corten steel stairway provides access to the telescope and dome.
Great site, comfort building for relaxing. You can built these both building for addition of your weekend home, so a weekend or holiday season will bring more value for your mind and body. This house designed by Studio Architectures.

Ultra Modern Sea View House Design

Space between letters usually for H shape or L shape, but this modern house begin with K shaped. Not just K, but the Kmart ‘K”. And the result is fantastic, clean, red glossy interior and extreme sea views is in this modern house. Eventually by cutting the K in half across the middle and rotating the two pieces, the house began to emerge as a composition suspended along the maximum building height envelope to achieve the best sea views. Under this we projected its shadow to form the ground level accommodation including the entry and space for two cars.
ultra modern house design ideas
clean minimalist interior design

red glossy modern interior design ideas
minimalist cabinet red interior design
Cladding both ‘K’ and shadow in the same timber paneling allowed the house to achieve a single dynamic as if inspired more by ships than signage, more like a rather racy ark than the sign and its shadow. Yet it is really the projection of these shadows which defines the large timber decks, especially at the front which provide an elevated platform directly off both the living spaces and the main bedroom. Inside this theme of timber underfoot has been used throughout the living spaces using polished bamboo.
The kitchen joinery, pantry wall, big sliding door and the enormous ceiling-high bookshelf ‘K’ are all painted brilliant, glossy red. As a plan the house is simple with the ground floor cut into the sloping site and entered directly off the car park with mudroom and storage, two bedrooms, bathrooms and home cinema, then up to the long Living, Dining and Kitchen, all facing north and open each end, east to the sea and west to the garden.
The main bedroom and another bedroom form the other half of the house at this level, with a spiral stair to the library above. This is a shiplap weatherboard house in the tradition of the seaside shack. It has bold and legible forms and an easy livability that belies its extreme derivation in the shape of that K. Designed by Ashton Raggatt McDougall Architects.

Futuristic Beach House Beautiful Garden Mansion

This futuristic house design based on mansion with beautiful garden. Although futuristic, the quotation of local ornamental and traditional patterns are embedding the building in its context. The building itself creates generous spaces within a beautiful and relaxing environment and is following the idea of a unique oasis for its inhabitants.
futuristic beach house design ideas image
futuristic beach house modern pics layout

futuristic beach weekend house design ideas
futuristic living space beach house
futuristic beach living room house design
This house has refreshing and relaxing ambiance. Perfect for weekend house. The buildings lines flow like a gentle wave above the ground. Maybe this is futuristic luxury design next. Designed by Project A01 Architects.

Reconfiguring in Structural Glass Walls House Design Ideas

This old brick Garde II house reconfiguring, refurbishing and of course extended. This renovation work included a new rear extension with structural glass walls and ceilings to allow light to flood into the new space and lower level of the house. With the new extension accommodating the kitchen, the lower ground floor was freed-up providing a large open plan living/dining area. Upstairs, a new bathroom was formed by combining the original bathroom with a small bedroom to create a generous new space with many bespoke features.
glass roof walls home design ideas
brick glass walls house renovation ideas

reconfiguring brick house into modern living space
minimalist open kitchen garden interior design ideas
More reconfiguring house images in our gallery:
And the result was interesting, a new modern glass house face, accommodate modern living. Nice backyard for relax with beautiful garden. Designed by crawfordpartnership architects.