Sabtu, 23 April 2011

Mioletto Modern Bedroom Sleeping Design Concept

With clear form, this sleeping bedroom concept has comfort-oriented system arrangements beside modern look concept. This sleeping series called as Mioletto from huelsta come with oak anthracite, white lacquer, walnut construction. This sleeping collection consist of bed, chest, console, dressing table, lowboard, mirror, wall mounted shelf, wall unit, wardrobe. For the beds, you can choose between a flush-sided headboard or a side headboard extension including a shelf with comprehensive accessories, such as electric sockets, atmospheric lamps, LED bedside lamps and more. This chest provides ample comfortable storage. Available in two widths with drawers, hinged or sliding doors. The elegantly curved dressing table is supported on one side by the suspended unit with drawer, and more. Huelsta.
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