Senin, 25 April 2011

Copper Alloy Roof Sculpted Pavilion House Extension

This modern sculptural house extension intended to make transition space between the original interior house and its large garden and the views. This extension building has contrast structure form, create a unique sign of the original house. This two storey “pavilion” has a copper alloy roof canopy, designed in unique shape gesture. At upstairs, there is a modern deck and wall glass to capture the stunning views. Designed by stanbolt architect.
modern house extension sculptural design
contrast house extension transition function design
white building concrete house architecture
copper alloy roof ultra modern design
gestured roof form house extension design
modern copper alloy roof dramatic design
modern deck natural glass wall extension feature
sculptural house extention roof architecture
unique copper roof gold color house extention
house extension modern interior architecture
open upstair modern glass interior design
ultra modern copper alloy roof innovation

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