Sabtu, 23 April 2011

Clear Modern House Design Principles 3 Storey Construction

The front view of this luxury minimalist-like (as an effect of clear design principles) modern house is really lovely. Metal framed entry gate with outdoors clad sandstone stone and nice front garden layout. This modern house has simple but nice in detailing construction and decorating. Consist of concrete simple rectilinear form, layered with timber battening on top side. This house has luxurious ambience with luxury suite living room built, on the middle level, along with other living space and 3 bedrooms. This modern residence also has energy saving features. The adopted eco friendly design including an operable skylight over the central core allowing natural light and ventilation, timber slated screens provide sun control, concrete floors and roof to provide thermal mass and low E glazing to the external windows and doors. Designed by Corben Architects.

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