Senin, 25 April 2011

Spatial Plan Geometries Modern House Design

With geometrical concept, this modern house becomes progressive tropical architecture ideas. The roof designed as shield from heat weather, and its ventilation make humid away, just like tropical roof function, but with dramatic geometrical structure. It really exotic modern weekend house with open decks, big opening windows, overhanging roofs, plenty of timber and an abundance of tropical plants. The internal walls are glazed, solid, face brickwork and the joinery and ceilings are clear finished plywood. With pool surrounding it, combine with openplan living concept, this house give a fantastic relaxing atmosphere. Designed by wright architects.
modern tropical house geometry architecture open pool
modern tropical landscape house design ideas
modern tropical swimming pool side open plan house
modern ceiling wooden overhanging roof house design
shield roof space tropical space swimming pool accent ideas
modern open bathroom wood interior design ideas
modern bedroom wooden roof open plan house design
modern geometrical roof tropical house design architecture

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